Why use EPOS?

A Good EPOS system can pay for itself within 12 months, and will deliver considerable benefits for much longer; supplying you with the tools and information you need to make informed decisions about how to grow your business to its true potential. EPOS systems can save you time and money by increasing your productivity, no matter the size of your business, big or small, from speeding up transaction time, allowing for more sales during busy periods to effectively managing stock levels to ensure you have enough stock to last you over a long weekend.

What are the true benefits of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale)?

Integrated chip and pin

Integrated chip and pin (EFT/ Electronic Funds Transfer) allows you to quickly take card payments, without the need for a standalone terminal, avoiding double entry errors, this can also speed up payment processing times, allowing faster transaction turnarounds.

Messages and staff prompts

Messages and staff prompts can also be set-up to prompt staff to ask customers if they would like, for example, a set of batteries with electronic toys, to help boost sales or to remind them to cash-up their till or perform a till drop when the cash in the till is too high.

Up-to-date PLOF and wholesale pricing

Up-to-date PLOF and wholesale pricing can be imported from your suppliers via the internet or electronic price files, informing you of new lines, price changes and lines coming to the end of their life.

Quickly change prices

Quickly change prices, when prices change in bulk (for example after the budget) you only need to change the prices in one place, your EPOS system, opposed to on each till (in the case of electronic tills) or on each item in the shop (in the case of individually ticketed items), the price will then go to the tills ready for trading the following day, you only need to change the shelf edge labels and you are ready for the new prices.

In-depth reporting

In-depth reporting can help identify hot items, and tell you what promotions are selling well, they allow you to drill down into the finest details of your business or view your sales as a whole to give you accurate information when you need it most.

Advance auditing

Advance auditing allows you to see what items were voided, returned, sold at a discount or marked as wastage, pin pointing the cashier and time the incident occurred, to help you track down and avoid stock shortages.

Multibuys and Meal Deals

Multibuys and Meal Deals can be set up so staff do not have to work savings out in their heads, you can be safe in the knowledge that only items allocated to a deal be sold on the deal as staff no longer need to remember which items the multi-buy applies to. Multi-buys can also be set to run between two dates, so they stop working after a set date, so staff do not have to check promotional leaflets for the start and end dates.

Integrated Web site

An Integrated Web site can help drive new sales, both local, when used as a promotional window (advertising your latest product lines and promotional deals), or from further afield when used as a fully functional online shop front, this can be call and collect, home delivery or even mail order.