Fequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Re-Scan grow with my business?
A: Yes, Re-Scan is fully scalable, allowing you to add more tills at any time, with little or no disruption to your business.
Q: How easy is Re-Scan to learn?
A: Re-scan is very intuitive and can be picked up with as little as a days training.
Q: How easy is it to train staff on the touch screen?
A: Checkout training normally takes no more then 10 minutes.
Q: How easy is it to order new stock?
A: The Picco link hand held device makes ordering extremely easy saving you time and money.
Q: Can Re-Scan handle promotional offers?
A: Yes, Re-scan has a full range of offers that can be set up with ease, including "Cheapest Free".
Q: How can I inform my customers about the offers?
A: Re-Scan is available with a second display unit that faces your customers, displaying advertisements. Re-Scan can also print Shelf Talkers to advertise your promotions.
Q: Is Re-Scan compatible with Chip and Pin?
A: Yes, Re-scan has an integrated chip and pin system.
Q: How secure is my information?
A: Through a combination of user security levels you can decide on what information your staff has access to.
Q: Does Re-Scan offer sales analysis?
A: Re-Scan has a number of standard reports that can be run at regular intervals; these include Z-Report, End of Day Report, Weekly and monthly sales figures, and more. Re-Scan also has a comprehensive report builder allowing you to create customized reports to suit your needs.
Q: Are there any finance solutions available?
A: Yes, Re-Scan offers a tailored finance packages and solutions. Ask for details.
Q: Does Re-Scan update its product list when new products become available?
A: Yes, Re-Scan can update its product list, amongst other things via the internet.
Q: What support do you offer for Re-Scan?
A: Our support team offers a full hardware and software support contract. Ask for details.