Above and beyond

As well as all the standard functions you would expect to find in an epos system (touch-screen sales, product and price maintenance, reporting, purchase ordering and auditing), Re-Scan has advanced and exclusive functions that help our customers keep their fingers on the pulse of their businesses. This list just scratches the surface of Re-Scans true potential, if the feature you want is not on the list don't worry, just drop us an e-mail and we will be able to advise you as to its availability.

Features for Retailers

• Full Stock Control
• Purchase Ordering
• Head Office Functionality for Multi-Site Retailers
• Simple Product and Multibuy Wizards
• Wireless Hand-Held Terminals
• Optional Cloud Back-ups
• Customer Management
• Customer Facing POS Adverts
• Customer Loyalty Scheme
• Customisable Touch Screen Layouts
• Chip & Pin / Contactless Payments (with YesPAY, Commidea and PayPoint)
• Full PayPoint Integration (PPOD and Chip & Pin)
i-movo Secure Digital Voucher Support
• Multibuys and Promotions
• Age Restricted Product Prompts (with Visual Display Icons)
• Refusal of Sale Report
• Web Cam Image Capture (Refusals, No Sale, C+P Failures etc.)
• Weight and Price Embedded Barcodes (Including Lottery Tickets)
• Extensive Sales Reports in Muliple Formats (Plain Text/ HTML5/ CSV/ Excel)
• Promotion / Multibuy Reports
• Product Performance and Linked Purchases Reports
• Reports Expandable with Report Builder
• Automatic End-of-day Reports
• Automatically E-mail or Send Reports to FTP

Key Features for Wholesalers / Head Office

• Wholesaler Links With
   • Mawdsley Brooks
   • RS EPOS Head Office
   • Sandersons Swords
   • CSV/ Excel
   • E-Mail
• Product and Price Updates
• Wholesale Promotional Costs
• Retail Club Set-Up
• POS Multibuy, Promotion & Adverts
• Key Fob Scanner Ordering
• Customer Messages and Mail Shots
• Sales Analysis

Key features

User friendly interface

Re-Scan is designed with humans in mind,  it is made to be quick and easy to learn to minimise staff training and to allow users of all levels to get the most out of the system.

Multibuys/ promotions and meal deals

Consumers are starting to look for more selection when they shop. With the likes of Tesco and Asda offering a wider selection of special offers it is imperative that you are not left behind.
Re-Scan has the capability to offer a wide range of promotions and multibuys including BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free), Cheapest free, Discounted and required spend multibuys, Meal deals and various other offers spanning several product ranges.

Store current customers basket in layaway  

If a customer forgets an item or needs to return to their car to get their purse there sale can be put on hold allowing you to continue using the till until they return. Sales put on hold on one till can be re-opened and completed on another till.
The tills can hold 100s of transactions for an indefinite amount of time or a limit on the number of layaways can be imposed to stop them building up. When cashing up, staff can be warned of held invoices forcing them to cancel or complete them before clearing down the tills.

Customer accounts

With the customer accounts module you can set-up and operate credit accounts, allowing customers to buy items on account, with individual credit terms and values, with detailed account statements and billing.

Loyalty / bonus points

The retail sector is competitive and loyalty points will give you the edge over your competitors. Allow your consumers to collect bonus points from each transaction and allow them to spend these points in your store. Fully customisable, you are in control of how much a point is worth and even how much a consumer needs to spend in order to collect a point. Points can be configured differently for each product group, and the bonus liability reports will show you the total accrued bonus point for all customers, allowing you total control over the scheme.

Price / weight embedded barcodes

Full support of price and weight embedded barcodes removes the need for manual entry of items such as lottery tickets and pre-weighed deli items reducing input errors and double entry, ensuring you always sell at the correct price.

Advert screens

Increase impulse buying with advertising at the till. Rear screens are available to display promotional information to your consumers, however if one additional screen isn’t enough we are able to display adverts on up to 8 additional screens throughout your store. Advert space can be sold to local businesses and tradesmen adding an extra revenue stream.

Product price inquiry

Price inquiry on the tills is as simple as a touch of a button.

Premium pricing

With so many demands on their time the busy retailer often doesn’t have enough time to trawl through pages of invoices in order to find out which products have gone up in price or to spot the new barcode on the shelf. It is for this reason that we have developed the Premium Pricing system that allows you to set and forget your prices. You simply set how much you would like to sell a product or product group above RRP and the system will maintain that margin.

Print out receipts for previous customers.

Printing receipts for previous customer can easily be achieved even if the customer came in hours before.

Payment surcharge, minimum/ maximum spend options

Each payment method (Cash/ Credit card/ Coupon etc) can have its own minimum and maximum value applied, they can also have a fixed surcharge or percentage surcharge applied automatically at the till. 

Cash back and no change options

Custom payment methods can be set up giving you total flexibility, a payment method can be defined as a cash back payment or a payment method that does not allow change (for example gift cards or coupons)

Easy POS creation

More than ever consumers are looking for that big shop experience in their local convenience stores. It is for this reason we have developed a system by which you are able to create striking POS with the click of a button. Simply scan the product you wish to celebrate and select the POS you require from a range of different types and sizes to suit any location.

Scancards / dalas keys

With security being of paramount importance we have a comprehensive user system to ensure that only the right people can access management functionality. With a fully customizable security system we put you in control. Users can log in with their user name/ passwords, scan-cards / magswipes or dala keys (i-buttons).

Security levels

With 90 customisable security levels, you can decide what each members of staff can access and sell, restricting void, cancelled, price overrides and even sales of individual product groups to the managers and trusted staff members.

Full accountability

Along with security levels the use of user accounts further increase your security by letting you know what changes have been made by which member of staff. Each sale, void, cancelled sale, price change, stock amendment and order is traceable to the member of staff that was responsible for it.

Unlimited customisable till layouts

Not all stores are the same and as such we do not expect all our retailers to work in the same way. As such our till layout is fully customisable, we can change everything whether it be the colour or size of a single button or adding an entirely new screen of new buttons.

Event messages and refusal of sales

The event messaging system allows messages and prompts to be set up, prompting staff to ask customers for ID when purchasing restricted products (alcohol, lottery tickets, etc.) making a comprehensive log of the staff members response to questions. Custom reasons for refusals and even acceptance of sales can be set-up to help record why sale of an item was rejected.

Purchase ordering

Track all purchases and credits with our simple to use purchase ordering screen, orders can be created on the back office, on the till or using a wireless hand held terminal, and electronically transmitted to suppliers using a number of different transmission methods.

Auto ordering

Orders can be automatically generated based on historic sales quantities, minimum stock, current stock levels and a number of other factors, helping you to make sure you have the correct stock in store, generated orders can then be altered and tweaked as needed.

Full stock control

With EDNs (Electronic Delivery Notes) and electronic goods receiving, full stock control has never been easier.

Product updates 

Always have the most up to date prices and product details with updates direct from suppliers. As soon as a manufacturer increases their prices your prices increase as well.

Automatic labels

Whenever a price or product detail changes a label will be generated and wait for you to print it. This helps to ensure that you always have the correct shelf edge labels for the correct products.


Enables you to store valuable information about all your suppliers, contact details, delivery times, minimum order quantities and a wide range of other information.

Electronic Links

The epos software can link into a number of 3rd party suppliers systems to send and receive orders including NISA OCS, Mawdsley Brooks, Sanderson's SWORDS wholesale systems, E-mail, FTP, Excel and many more.


Re-Scan offers a wide range of different reports allowing you to analyse your business and maximise the potential of your store. With reports detailing every aspect of your business Re-Scan puts you firmly in control.

Real time sales, stock and price synchronization

Sales made at the tills can be instantly viewed on the back office, and stock is automatically updated across the site to reflect the sales. Price amendments are instantly pushed to the tills without the need to log them out or import price files.

Automatic reporting

Re-Scan allows you to run any report overnight allowing you to review them in the morning, automatic reports can even be emailed or sent to a FTP server.

Report emailing

With time being an ever more valuable commodity not all retailers are able to make it into the store every day to check reports. It is for this reason that we have created a reports module that will email reports to you allowing you to check them from any computer. This can also be utilised to automatically email reports to accountants.

Multi format reports

All our standard reports are available in a number of formats including Plain Text, Stylised, CSV they can even be exported to spreadsheets (excel)

Head office

Managing many stores at once used to be a highly labour intensive experience but now Re-Scan offers you the opportunity to manage multiple locations from one head office site, managing prices and products, collating sales history and viewing daily sales reports.

Business Intelligence

We offer a complete sales history package, that allows you to analyse your sales over periods of times, to uncover trends in sales, to help you better understand your business, sales data can then be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Individual till and global Z-Reads

On multi-till sites, each till can be cashed up individually or they can be cashed up globally, allowing flexibility in working practices.

Payment method reports (including cash, cheque, credit /debit cards & coupons)

Detailed payment method reports can be produced, showing which staff members took which payment methods and the totals for there shifts, helping cash reconciliation.

Promotional and Multibuy Reports

See which promotions and multibuys are working at the click of a button, will multibuy uptake % and division of products sold on deals, you can quickly see which promotions and multibuys are working and which are not.

Product Performance and Linked Purchases

With the detailed product performance report you can easily see how a product is selling, comparing diffrent time periods to allow you to see the products performance, before, during and after a promotion has ran, or compare products week on week/ month on month or even year on year.

The linked purchases report will show you what products sell well with others, allowing your to talor you promotions or shelf layout to the trends of your customers, putting products that sell well together nearer each other to boost sales.

Hardware integration

Re-Scan integrates with all the standard POS hardware, including receipt printers, display poles and cash draws, and in addition can integrate into a wide range of other hardware.

Hand Held Terminals

Re-Scan uses wireless hand held terminals to allow staff members to be on the shop floor. These allow users to create stock orders, change prices, create promotions and alter product attributes and much more. Data on the terminals is in real time, so there is no need to dock the devices to upload the changes. The EPOS software supports multiple devices working simultaneously.

Integrated Chip and Pin

The EPOS system supports fully integrated chip and pin including the latest in contactless payment methods allowing you to accept credit card payments without the need for a separate standalone device, reducing double entry errors and saving valuable time.  


Re-Scan can integrate with selected CCTV DVRs allowing transactions to appear on screen in real time, helping the retailer quickly view and resolve issues.

Integrated Camaras

Tills have the option to attach digital cameras, allowing them to take snapshots of customers during set events, such as refusals of sales, sales of products from restricted groups, no-sales and credit card rejections.

Easy maintenance

Re-Scan allows you to do much of your maintenance at the till allowing you to stay on the shop floor and be ready to serve at any point. Tasks that can be completed at the point of sale include but are not limited to;
- Product creation
- Multibuy create
- Price promotion creation
- Label creation
- Label printing
- Order creation and transmission